KLM Builders’ Energy Efficient Homes Cut Costs and Hassles for Homeowners

When home buyers choose to reside in one of KLM Builders’ homes, not only are they choosing to build a well-crafted home, but also to cultivate a responsible, energy-efficient lifestyle. KLM has gone above and beyond to ensure the highest possible living standards for their clients, which is why they have fully equipped each model with energy-saving, cost-effective features.

Let’s face it – when many of us hear the phrases “green” or “environmentally conscious,” we may conjure images of Hollywood celebrities pushing the latest eco-friendly gimmick. However, when it comes to the home, KLM has done all the work themselves by stocking each of their homes with many of the latest, eco-friendly products.

This energy-efficient equipment is featured in both the interior and exterior of each personally designed home. To help reduce energy waste and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire house KLM uses an air infiltration barrier house wrap and R-15 insulation at exterior walls, as well as R-38 insulation with integral vapor barriers at the ceiling. KLM installs energy efficient windows and doors along with weather stripping on exterior doors and windows as an extra measure that will save residents time and money. High efficiency air conditioning and 96% efficient heating systems are standard in all homes and provide a cost effective, yet comfortable environment for the homeowners. Most household water use is in the bathrooms, in order to help control excessive water usage in that area of the home KLM uses water-saver toilets and shower heads. As for the kitchen, energy efficient appliances by Whirlpool come with each home. These built-in essentials will almost immediately limit a homeowner’s energy usage, therefore decreasing utility bills and their everyday carbon footprint. No longer will residents feel guilty about cranking up the heat on a cold winter night – thanks to their energy efficient home from KLM Builders.

Everyday green living is more than possible with the help of KLM Builder’s environmentally conscious homes. These built-in inclusions ensure that residents won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to energy efficiency – instead, they can now afford to go out with friends and family after spending less on their monthly bills!

Take the steps towards attaining your dream home today. KLM Builders offers complete customization on over 40 versatile home plans, which range from 1,500 to over 5,000 square feet. Whether you have a specific lot in mind or are interested in a particular home style, KLM is sure to deliver with the use of their quality craftsmanship, flexible plans and top-notch customer service. As one of the leading semi-custom builders in Northern Illinois, KLM Builders is willing to go above and beyond in order to uniquely satisfy every buyer’s needs. Find out what an energy efficient home can do for you by contacting KLM Builders at (815) 678-4018 or visit http://klmbuildersinc.com/.

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  1. Great ideas for green living. HouseLogic also has some great ideas to save energy and water. Cheers!