Hawthorn Woods Homeowners Pleased with Extensive Kitchen Remodel from KLM Builders

When Mike and Scarlett built their home in Hawthorn Woods 23 years ago, it encompassed everything they had ever dreamt of—a spacious, modern design, top-of-the line finishes and well-appointed amenities throughout. But like any aging home, over time it couldn’t measure up to its once pristine appearance. Mike and Scarlett agreed it was time to achieve a fresh, new look for their home, starting with the most used room in their house—the kitchen.

After researching numerous home builders throughout the Chicagoland area, the Hawthorn Woods couple ultimately chose KLM Builders for their full kitchen redesign due to the company’s experience, approachability and vast expertise in full home renovation.

“Two decades had passed without a single modification to our home. My wife and I knew it was time to make necessary improvements in order to enhance its functionality and increase the home’s overall value. KLM’s professionalism, robust remodeling services, and knowledgeable team helped us realize our vision and then turn that vision into a reality,” said Mike.

With more than 25 years of custom home building and remodeling experience, KLM Builders has an extensive portfolio and the experience necessary to help homeowners with remodeling projects large and small. They make the process easy, offering homeowners a one stop shopping solution and a full suite of renovation services for any sized remodeling project. KLM works hard to design a home or remodeling project based on the customer’s needs, vision and budget all the while providing superior customer service that is second to none from the first meeting until the home is complete.

“KLM’s team was so flexible to work with, readily available to answer our questions, and especially accommodating with our tight schedule and budget. Because we travel frequently, they were able to complete most of the demolition and remodel while we were away. Imagine the look on our faces when we came home to our stunning new kitchen. Our new kitchen is more enjoyable and functional than we ever could have imagined,” said Mike.

KLM handled Mike and Scarlett’s entire kitchen remodel, from design concept to finish. The full kitchen project included adding open glass windows for an enhanced view of the home’s wooded backyard, removing old soffits, eliminating interior walls, and installing brand new flooring to create an elegant new kitchen design and open design. To maximize storage space and enhance the room’s functionality, KLM created a spacious, airy layout by opening up the kitchen into the family room. Large, modern cabinets, under cabinet lighting, soft closed doors and drawers, elegant backsplash and maintenance-free granite countertops, among other beautiful upgrades were also included to help complete the perfect new look and feel for Mike and Scarlett’s home.

“Although we did not build Mike and Scarlett’s home, we were able to transform their current kitchen into a fresh, fully functional room that will remain a space they will enjoy for many years to come,” said Kim Meier, President of KLM Builders. “When we help a customer upgrade their home, whether big or small, it’s an investment that will yield monetary returns now and years down the road.”

Whether you're looking for a quick update or a total overhaul, KLM Builders can help guide you through the entire remodeling process, identify your options and ensure your remodeling project is beautiful, properly installed and fully functional—all within your budget. With more than 25 years of home building and remodeling experience, KLM would love to help you turn your dream home into a beautiful reality with their exceptional remodeling services and inventory of top of the line products.

Don’t put off your home’s renovations any longer. To learn more, visit http://klmbuildersinc.com/ or call 815-678-4018.


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