Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Winter

Taking the time to run through some pre-winter preparation now can save you from costly repairs during the winter months. From general furnace maintenance to caulking windows, most winter home prepping can be accomplished in a single weekend. Consider these home maintenance tips on winterizing your home.

Inspect you furnace
Have a qualified heating technician inspect your furnace and perform any required maintenance before you turn on your heat for the first time this winter. Remember to clean your filters monthly to help your furnace run more efficiently and improve airflow, which can save you energy and a hefty heating bill.

Check for air leaks
Incoming drafts can waste 5% - 30% of your energy use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Cold air can seep in around windows and underneath doors, allowing warm air to escape. For this reason, it is important to check your home for any air leaks before the winter chill comes knocking at your door. Caulk where needed, install weather stripping around doors and windows, ensure door sweeps seal properly and consider adding storm doors and windows. 

Clean your gutters
If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris from fall, standing water can freeze in cold temperatures and eventually force its way up under the roof shingles and into your house. Take a few hours this fall to clean out your gutters, and prevent the need for unnecessary and expensive roof repairs down the road.

Protect your pipes
Allow faucets to drain and remember to unhook all outdoor hoses to prevent your plumbing pipes from freezing.  Similarly, insulate water pipes by wrapping them in a blanket of foam insulation.  This includes pipes in areas of the home that are not heated, such as the basement or attic. This will help minimize the possibility of water freezing, causing the pipes to burst and potentially flood your home.

Reverse ceiling fan rotation
Many of us think of fans only when we want to stay cool in the summer, but reversing your ceiling fan is actually a simple way to prep your home for winter. Counter-clockwise fan rotation results in cooler air being pushed down in the warmer seasons, while clock-wise rotation channels warmer air downward in the winter.

Service your chimney
Don’t put off your chimney maintenance before using your wood-burning fireplace. Blockages and buildup can lead to dangerous conditions such as insufficient ventilation and fires. Call a qualified chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney. Yearly maintenance will ensure your unit works safely and efficiently throughout the winter. 

Prepare now for cold months ahead and eliminate costly, winter surprises.

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