Appliance Trends for 2015

Updating appliances during a remodel is one of the many ways to refresh your kitchen. And of course, if you are planning a remodel you'll certainly want to know about the hottest appliance trends coming your way. In 2015, home technology continues to evolve, and appliances that save energy, water or money are definitely in. This year brings some exciting products that are efficient while also expressing your individual style. 

Get Small
Saving space is the name of the game for appliance design in 2015. Remember a few years ago when giant restaurant-sized stoves and refrigerators were all the rage? This year's focus on energy conservation lends itself to smaller, more efficient appliances all through the home. Those of you who actually need super-sized appliances don't need to worry, there will still be a range of sizes and options available. Expect the same high performance and function options from compact appliances as their bulkier counterparts offer. This year space-saving appliances are taking a big--or should we say small--bite out of home design. 

In 2015, appliances might come in smaller, more colorful packages, but you can expect them to do more things. New induction technology for the cooktop, innovations that make dishwashers quieter and laundry appliances that perform like never before are on trend. All this technology supports the overall bend toward more efficient and energy-saving home products, but it also feeds the current craze for "futuristic" design. In addition to actually doing more, expect to see new appliances that look like they could be props on a sci-fi movie set. Sleeker, rounder shapes and digital everything will take your home into a new era.

More Color
From the laundry room to the kitchen counter top, color is in. Basic white and stainless steel are classics, but in 2015 they'll have a rainbow of competition. All shades of gray are on trend this year, but pastels and vibrant hues of orange, red and blue will also be making the scene. To work this trend with style, stick with one color for large appliances such as the kitchen stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. But feel free to mix and match colors for small appliances like blenders and coffee makers. In fact, colorful small appliances are a great way to experiment with this trend. 

Whether you're into retro, classic, or modern minimalism, you'll find appliances that work for you style, and for your life, on display this year.

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