KLM Completes Whole Home Remodel

SPRING GROVE, IL. - Buying a home is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-wracking, especially if you're not sure how much work your new home will need to transform it from house to home, sweet home. After all, when it comes to existing homes, few of us have the experience or the skills to see the diamonds in the rough and to understand what is needed to take a property from dated residence to modern masterpiece. As a result, many homeowners wind up walking away from homes that, with the right renovations, could wind up being the value of a lifetime.

Fortunately for two local homeowners, that didn't happen. When they first found the home they liked, they weren't deterred by outdated finishes or a poor layout. But before making an offer, they decided to call in an experienced contractor, KLM Builders, to help them decide what upgrades would be needed so they could structure their offer accordingly.

“When Larry and Pat first contacted us, they were considering purchasing an existing home that they felt might suit their needs, but they wanted us to come out and evaluate the home before they made an offer,” said KLM owner Kim Meier. “During our evaluation, we found that while the house was structurally sound, there were several areas that needed a lot of attention. Basically, the entire home needed to be renovated to bring it up to where they needed it to be.”

The renovation addressed key areas in just about every area of the home, from the basement all the way up to the second floor, and included everything from new finishes to complete restructuring of walls and interior spaces.

On the first floor, the bulk of the work took place in the kitchen, where an outdated layout and inadequate storage and work areas just didn't meet the new homeowners' needs.

“Working with KLM, we came up with the idea of a two-tiered central island in a curved design that maximized space and provided plenty of seating,” new homeowner Pat recalled. KLM also rearranged the doorways for better flow and to balance the space.

The second floor presented an even bigger challenge: Although the floor featured three spacious bedrooms, it lacked a central hallway, which meant to get to the third bedroom, you had to pass through the second.

“We ended up removing the partitions on the second floor and reframing and redesigning the layout to include a hallway that eliminated the need to walk through one bedroom to reach another,” Meier said. “Then, we created a master suite with a walk-in closet and a totally new bathroom with his and her vanities, a steam shower and a whirlpool tub.”

The basement was the final space to receive a major overhaul.

“The basement was raw; just a wide-open expanse,” Meier recalled. “We added a custom circular bar as well as a separate game room with plenty of space for a pool table so the homeowners had plenty of space for entertaining friends and family. Plus, we carved out space for an exercise room and a bathroom with a shower.”

An additional walk-in closet in the basement provides convenient storage, and the entire area is tied together with flooring that Pat says is ideal for the space.

“KLM recommended the flooring for the basement, and we just love it,” she said. “It has a lifetime warranty and it's impenetrable to water, so we'll never have an issue with it. It looks just like ceramic tile, but it's soft and it's warm underfoot.”

Overall, were all the changes worth it?

“Absolutely,” Pat says. “KLM was great to work with, because they listened to our needs and gave us just what we wanted. It was a great experience.”

KLM Builders specializes in all types of renovations, from upgrades of single features like flooring or countertops to complete home renovations. To learn more, visit KLMBuildersInc.com/remodeling or give them a call at 815.678.4018.

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